We Are…

A specialist company dedicated only to bespoke home building projects. We are not a standard volume house builder and do not want to be.

We started over 15 years ago to make our vision a reality – to design and build a select number of different and lovely homes in great locations around the Sussex and Surrey area, hand-picked by us, that offer all the benefits of new but stand the test of time so they look established from the moment they are built, blending seamlessly into their surroundings.

This gives us the freedom to choose the best quality materials both externally and internally, to create a feel that is both contemporary and traditional, and to design for each project what best suits it, with the best of the latest concepts incorporated within sound traditional build techniques.

Gorgeous-looking quality bricks, real clay or slate tiles, stone lintels, stone pathways and terraces, landscape design and driveways to complement – these design features are all integral to the unique look of every individually designed Churchlands Home.