We are already in February, which seems incredible when it feels like we are only just into 2018! Whether it was the flu that felled so many people over the Christmas and New Year period into January, or the way the Christmas and New Year break fell and passed in a rapid blur, we were back into the swing of work and school routine before we knew it. There was a general feeling prevalent of being glad to say goodbye to 2017, and certainly 2018 has started with an optimistic feeling of real and positive change for the better in all sorts of ways.
As usual, people started looking at moving home for a number of reasons in this new year. Changes of personal circumstances over Christmas, realisations of needing more or less space, location not ideal for changing needs, travel logistics, were some of the time honoured reasons for considering a change.
Location has to be one of the most common “must haves” topping the list of reasons people give us for a move. Having lived myself in a semi rural location for most of my childhood and into adulthood, then raising a family, I admit I had become so used to all that being out of Horsham entailed that I took all the inconveniences for granted while enjoying the countryside around us. Yet our needs and those of our family were changing. Nothing stands still.
Elderly parents became isolated and housebound when they could no longer drive safely, needing the social, physical and mental stimulation of being in a wider community they could enjoy without having to drive there. They could no longer cope in their 80’s with what had seemed absolute fine, even in their 70’s, and they had left the change too late, suffering in the process of being trapped in a home that no longer worked for them. When they did eventually move, they loved their new location in the centre of Horsham within easy reach of restaurants and shopping, and wished they had done it sooner. Sadly, they died within a year of moving and admitted they would probably have had a better quality and quantity of life if they had faced the reality of a move when they could have been more proactive about enjoying the change.
Our children were growing up fast and had their own independent social lives, hobbies and school activities that revolved around Horsham. Being a taxi service had always revolved around careful planning with work demands but needing to be in various locations at the same time for them, and a taxi for elderly parents,  caused some massive pressure points that even the kind support of friends didn’t entirely manage, and a couple of crises convinced us that a more central location for everyone was needed.
So we all moved close to Horsham town centre and what a revelation that was! We wished we had done it sooner but actually what we were looking for – a combination of the best of town and country- was scarce in supply and it took time for us to find what we wanted. And that is the crux of it – once you recognise a need, you have to get out there and see what’s available, and what you want is probably going to take time to find. You need to be primed and ready to recognise and snap up what meets your needs, and to recognise what you may need to compromise upon to get your main priorities. Sometimes that means working through your own expectations to get to where you can realistically be for your budget.
Three of our purchasers at our latest project, The Gorings, in a fantastic location close to Horsham town centre yet overlooking adjoining countryside, did exactly that. The first of our buyers contacted us even as the planning permission was approved, and worked with us while their new home was being built. They knew the location they wanted and the scarcity of finding that quality home in the right location had focussed them on being ahead of the game.
The other buyers found us quickly but had to sell their own homes, and at least had time to get through this process successfully albeit with a few sticky moments, as interest from other parties not quite so on the ball with regard to their own sales started to take action.
So we are now down to our final luxury 4 bedroom detached home, which is currently being finished off, and with the extra benefits of carpets and a wood burning stove, is ready for someone to move in and enjoy during the forthcoming months as the current cold snap fades into the warmth of Spring.
The snowdrops and daffodils already appearing along our drive, and the camellias by our back door, remind us that Nature is already preparing for the warmer days of Spring. Just as we are moving quickly through the first quarter of 2018,so we should be taking stock of what we want to achieve in 2018 and where we want to be by the end of it. Don’t miss out on an exceptional opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.
1 The Gorings, off Gorings Mead, Horsham is available at a Price Guide of £745,000. For more information, please see our Current Projects Page on this website or email sales@churchlands.co.uk or call 07557851535.